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Video: Carter Efe Narrates Everything That Happened Between Him And Beri Tiga (Machala Song Woto woto)

Carter Efe: “Beri Tiga didn’t know anything about Machala, I invited him to my house and gave him the whole idea and we came up with the song together. He was nothing but I made him popular, this guy had less than 10K followers on social media. There was another guy on the song who sang so well too but Berri asked me to remove him coz he was scared the guy would outshine him. I treated this boy with love but now he is on social media tarnishing my image… I now see why some successful people hate helping others coz it always ends up like this. He reached out to me saying he wants us to pretend like we are fighting so he can promote his next song but now he is on social media giving me a bad name against my will. The oil on my head is strong. My God will judge and punish this boy and every other person pushing his agenda. The above was Carter Efe’s own side of the story but fans still insisted he is not saying the truth as he is trying to form emotional for people to believe him.

Insta live stream

However we picked up some reasonable points made by people who reacted to the circumstance  below:
  1. Carter Efe is somehow greedy because i have listened to two of them,the guy just explained without attracting simpathy and as i see it he can even forget even the token efe is promising to give him because him Efe is not appreciative at all,the guy voiced the music and wrote it yes but one problem is that they didn’t make a concrete agreement or a written agreement to back it up,the guy is requesting 30% but Efe is promising 5% or 100,000 and forget everything,it’s unfair dear and the guy is not violence as this Efe is taking the matter because the guy knows that he fucked up because they should have a concrete agreement.
  2. Instead of Carter Efe to focus on comedy wey he dey manage ,. He won raise by lifting himself 😁 😁 eyeaaa! Life of a musician.
  3. I used to say Carter efe was handsome but after seeing this photo, I take back my word😭😭I’m so heartbroken right now 😢
  4. Oga on action, you told Ebuka in an interview that Berri Tiga brought his own producer and he can sing very well so why the sudden change in fact Berri Tiga is the original owner of that song what you did was the intro because of the heart brake you experienced recently, “I no wan love any girl again, I wan just be like Machala” just dey Ghana dey smoke igbo that’s the only thing you added.
  5. You wan help the boy but you never tag him in anything about d song ND u go shows alone…I greet u Mr helper🙌
  6. Drama…. You-all are here dragging each other without proof …. So he asked you to remove someone else who sang better that him 😂 and you legit removed him because you dont want to song to be too good abi? The both of una never tell us watin be the real problem here .
  7. Carterefe interview with Ebuka completely contradicts his IG live🤦 how do you guys do it sef? Crying, swearing and lying at same time 🙆🤣🤣
  8. Na Berri Tiga ft Carterefe I see oo.Which one u Dey cry for?
  9. From that low key stuff na 100k u comot give am …. So now how him one thank u Berri : Carter thanx for the lowest key stuffs ….I done use am pay nepa bill
  10. Carter I know u are actually the one that brought out the idea about the song, because I can remember the comedy u stared with Mr Shaggy as a mad man chanting Machala. But that doesn’t change the fact that the guy wrote the song and sang it n u refuse to compensate him with tangible sum of money.
  11. We all got to know about the song because of EFE, efe is the soul of that song, most times talent is not enough, many song writers sell songs either for free or money.. I’m sure they didn’t know the song was going to blow like this… from my view the whole efe getting and relating wizkids name into the whole thing was a smart move to push the song. He planned it out and it worked out.. they should both stop this drama, yet they are still getting popular by it 😂
  12. U see dats the only reason wizkid is avoiding you cause u too will still say wizkid don reap you .And also i dont see anyway remaining to be sing in dat song. Beri tiga sang it so well. The other guy may have damage the song self. So carter efe am advising you to go and try dat nonsense with his royal majesty portable and thank me later 😂
  13. But true true na berri tiga of a guy I heard is his voice pass,,,ur voice is only heeeeiiii heeeeiiii am hearing in d background of d song….But to cut it short d guy drop another legit song prove his wrong by dropping another song of urs nah
  14. If you believe Carter you are on your own. Carter! Unless you have not been on his life stream 🤣🤣🤣🤣. In an interview he had with Ebuka of BBN, he said the song just came into his head and he was just singing machala machala up and down, he then contacted Berry, told him about it and asked him to join him, Berry brought his producer that produced the music. Every other lyrics in that music were written by Berry because Carter said it himself that he told him not to sing any other thing except machala repeatedly. I wonder how the music was going to sound with just machala, he should stop playing the pity card and accept that he f*cked up big time. 🌝🤣🤣
Carter Efe We would advise y’all visit his insta and find out the difference between his insta live stream with BBN Ebuka stating what transpired and  that if his Facebook livestream. A commenter said she heard matala from Carter and Machala from Beri, we will still settle the matter. But true true , who do you believe ?  
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