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Petrol Fuel Prices South Africa

Petrol fuel prices south africa will be curtailed further in September 2022 giving rise to much-needed relief to overburdened consumers. See the fuel price shift below. Subsequently, after months of brutal fuel rate rises, motorists in South Africa will indeed welcome another round of fuel price cuts in September 2022.   Fuel price adjustments from the Central Energy Fund (CEF) have been declared openly!   The price of both levels of petrol will be cut by R2.04 per litre while the price of both levels of diesel (0.05% and 0.005% sulphur) will fall by 56.34 c/l and 36.34 c/l respectively while the cost of illuminating paraffin will be slash by R1.09 per litre.   The Automobile Association of South Africa (AA) commented, “These reductions are indeed welcome and will deliver some relief to motorists. Assessing the expected reduction to ULP95, for example, the price for this fuel will fall from its current R25.42 per litre to R23.07 per litre. This is more economical than the June price of R24.17 per litre but still considerably higher than the R21.84 litre May pricing. It is also way off the January pricing of R19.61 per litre. However, any reduction in fuel prices is good news”.   The expected deductions are largely driven by lower international petroleum prices notwithstanding the ongoing deficiency in the Rand/Dollar exchange rate.  
“Although we are anticipating fuel to be cheaper in September, we persist concerned about the overall high prices which impact on all consumers. The price trips in June and July will begin again to influence the economy and the financial circumstance of all South Africans. A bearable solution to mitigating increasing fuel costs is still necessary and until that remedy is found, citizens will be at the mercy of fuel price hikes” says the AA.
Woman stripped off in South Africa(video) The AA further repeats its call on the South African government to commence a transparent review of fuel prices to find a remedy. The AA believes that throwing out the General Fuel Levy (GFL) is not the remedy. petrol fuel prices south africa Remarking on the matter, the AA says, “We recount the calls by those who say this is a way of curtailing the fuel price but in our belief, this will not solve the crisis; it will solely force the government to find alternative means to collect the revenue generated by this tax. Rather, the structure and composition of the fuel price must be deemed, along with a deeper inquiry of how the government presently distributes its funds”.
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