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Mr Revelation-Praise The Lord lyrics

Sing along Mr Revelation-praise The Lord lyrics. This is the lyrics to Praise The Lord by Mr. Revelation. You can also download Mr Revelation-Praise The Lord.mp3

Imara mma Jesus idi ebube

(You’re beautiful Jesus, you’re glorious)

Idi oke onu ahia

(You’re priceless)


Jehovah bu chineke onye m na efe

(Jehovah God I serve)

Ribe otito na ibu okaka

(Take the glory Almighty)


Kele ya kele ya na obu eze

(Praise HIM he’s king)

Kele Jesus na obu eze

(Praise Jesus He’s King)


Jesus idinma

(Jesus you’re good)

Asi na obughi Jehovah

(If not Jehovah)


Gini kam ga eme na eluwa nka

(What would become of me in this world)

Gini kam ga eme

(What would become of me)


Omekwala ya ozo

(He has done it again)

Ome ihe ukwu

(the doer of great things)

Jehovah e mego kwa ya ozo

(Jehovah has done it again)

Obu ome ihe ukwu

(He’s the doer of great things)

Echetara m ihe omere m

(I recount all he has done)

Jesus onye obi oma

(Jesus the good God)

Ekele chukwu di anyi mma

(God’s praise is good with us)

Ka anyi kele ya

(Let’s praise him)

Ihe nile m nwere na uwa di gi na aka

(All I have is in your hands)

Ego di gi na aka

(Wealth is in your hands)

Ndu di gi na aka

(Life is in your hands)

Ebe m nwere Eze Jesus

(Since I have king Jesus)

Onye ka m ga turu ibu ozo

(Who else do I want)

Ndi muo ozi na efe oke ifufe

(The angels give great worship)

Ifufe ahu si na aka onye new anyi puta

(That worship that comes from our Lord)

Oge na abia

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