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Leaked Photo Of Benue State Final Year Exam – US reacts

Reactions trails on leaked Photo of Benue state final year exam as people react to the nature of the questions.Photo Of Benue State University Finals Exam – US reacts : Based on recent and previous reactions many people contradicted the solidity of the question as they judge over its significance and  what it implies towards Nigerian Education. The rate or level at which the question was simplified marveled many as some maintain that 3ven a Junior Secondary School Student can answer the questions owing to how simple it is as to serve as University final year exam. US based students both citizens and foreigners were shocked at how this exam became a final year exam for people graduating stipulating on the type or nature of the questions . The questions are below : The exam which had the course code ENG 405 had five questions. Question reads: “1 (a) What is a register? “(b) What is the importance of register to a person? “(c) State three (3) ways in which register can be enhanced.” What’s your say here ?
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