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It Has No Nutritional Value – Fg is set to ban Kpomo

Reactions trail social media as Fg comes back from oversea only to declare his intention that he wants to ban Kpomo that is kanda and from his opinion, he said it has no nutritional value. Fg is set to ban Kpomo. And this kpomo bears the head ingredients or item in ogbono soup as it substitutes the costly red meat and poultry bird meats. We all know that Benin indigenes don’t play with Kpomo in their food and not only them , most yorubas inclusive. Below is the reactions of people towards the idea: N.B: these are comments from people (AkPraise.com)
  1. Somehow I suspect this country to be either comedy or cartoon channel in heaven walahi.
  2. Wetin kpomo come do FG again, make poor man no follow chop.
  3. Please leave ponmo for me oo, economy wey you no grow since with all the resources wey dey dis country, na now you wan use kpomo shine .go get a life joor.
  4. Did any of us complain to FG???et them concentrate on what we are complaining about in the country.
  5. This is pure injustice!! Is it their skin Kpomo?
  6. Abeg ooo… make Dem no ban am ooo…kpomo is my best ooo…if I no see kpomo I never cook soup ooo…and more allover…say na Pomo be Nigeria problem…you people should ban all the bad leaders in Nigeria and leave Pomo alone
  7. Abi Ori federal government ti Daru ni? U people should stop all this joke o,with #1000 I don prepare my okro ponmo soup chop with eba, if u know who be federal government should mind other things.
  8. My worry is how someone successfully convinced our government that Ponmo is among the reasons our economy is not growing. Oya nah make Una kukuma give us Agbado and Ewa… God pls come n see.
  9. So kpomo is the problem of the country now?😏
  10. Wetin concern abogboro with over load. Na my mouth I de chop my chop. Students have been at home for more than 7months. Na kpomo do them ?
  11. So easy to ban kpormo but so difficult to ban bokoharm & bandits empty brain
  12. So because government wanted to increase leather production they tends to ban kponmo
  13. As my money no reach to buy meat and fish,una wan ban the kponmo wey I dey use guide….Se e go better for this people like this.
  14. Nigeria is a confused country, which one come be kpomo again, una no go leave poor ppl to drink water and keep cup for una. Tufiakwa.
  15. Please FG make una let kpomo to rest Oooooooo. I can’t do without kpomo y because I don’t have money for Chicken and goat meat.
  16. Does weed and cigarette as any nuturional value…How Pomo tk affect the present nigeria economy
  17. Story oooooo,na the one dey favor the poor masses them go Sabi ban, what happened to cigarettes and alcohol?
  18. Kpomo get value pass the whole Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬β€¦. Shay una Dey whyn me ni? This federal Goment go just wake up implement wankin Mumu policies weh no make sense una never fit solve ASUU matter na kpomo. Gosh can’t wait for APC To be kicked out of power.
  19. Gladys,the rate of kpomo consumption in Nigeria is alarming and it is affecting the leather based industries. It has little or no nutritional value. We are losing revenue big time. Imaging the beautiful luxury goods luxury that could be produced from leather for both local and international consumption,via export ala Italian leather products.
  20. Now kpomo is the cause of Nigeria economy problem, kpomo so many people that can not afford expensive meats use to keep their mouth busy while eating, confusion Don start.
  21. Ah cannot waste my money oo, something I bought yesterday biko mek ah enjoy my thing if wuna like listen to federal government wahala.
  22. Abeg let them leave d economy d way it is right now afterall their time is far spent. We go survive till 2023 when they will handover to Obi and Datti. Bunkum
  23. And cigarette get nutritional value ???
  24. And what Nutritional value does the FG has to the present economy..?
These are complains and comments from citizens of Nigeria. Should Fg ban kpomo(Ponmo) or not ?

#It has no nutritional value

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